Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria, Real Set Up Guide

Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria, Real Set Up Guide

I have come across various websites and really, they all talk about the same process of setting up a dry cleaning business in Nigeria. Well, good thing you made it here on this site. You will be guided below as to how to make good choices when setting up a dry cleaning business in Nigeria, with this simple practical steps.

Various points to consider when trying to set up a dry cleaning business in Nigeria.

* First Of All: The basic truth of any business is to make profit, and with this mind set you can begin to think of how to start what so ever business you conceive in your mind.
Now let us take a look at the various points to consider when thinking of setting up a dry cleaning business.

Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria, Real Set Up Guide

1) Size of the business: Large Scale or Small scale
A) Large Scale: Do you have enough capital to start on a large scale? If the answer is yes then read this guide on hoe to set up a large scale dry cleaning business in Nigeria. This will involve high cost of spending at the initial start up stage, but will be worth it in the long run as business activities tends to stabilize.
B) Small Scale: Actually this post was created to talk about the small scale dry cleaning business in Nigeria and how to set it up. With this in mind below are the following steps to consider for a small scale dry cleaning business in Nigeria.
Laundry Space: This is where the main activities are been done from the various pick up centers that we shall discuss soon. For a small scale you will need to determine of you will be the one doing the laundry yourself, or you can hire people that will do the job for you while you pay them little till the business grows.
Location: Do you have high population of working class youths in your area?, What is the ratio of those working as against those who are not.? Is the area where you want to locate your dry cleaning business a  commercial area? These are the few questions that you should ask yourself before sighting your business in a particular location.
Dry Cleaning Business in Nigeria, Real Set Up GuideLabour Cost: As already discussed above you will need to consider some factors before you engage other people in your laundry business. Can you handle large volume of clothes to be washed? Can you afford to pay the wage for labourers? If yes then carry on with that.
Equipments: While going into this business you will need to purchase some equipments that will make work easy and fast, so that you can beat deadlines of customers. Equipments like ironing boards, pressing iron, hangers, branded nylon, stain removal agents and so on..
Power: Power is very important and can not be over ruled from this type of business, consider getting a reasonable sized generator when power fails, so that you can meet up with your deadlines.
Pick up Centers: This will be in form of an office that should be situated close to commercial areas so that people can see and identify the business. Remember that this pick up centers should be branded with your dry cleaning business name.
Delivery package: This is where most people in this business get it all wrong. They fail to keep to time for the delivery of clothes to customers and thus creates problems for themselves as customers will begin to see them as been unreliable. Try to get this right and you will have tons of loyal customers trooping into your business.
Branding: brand your business with your logo so that it sticks in the mind of your customers. 

Remember to carry further research on this project before you commit fully into it.. 

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