How to Kiss Creatively

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Spice up your love life by going beyond the kissing basics and learn new, hot ways to lock lips.

Step 1: Start off sweetly
Here’s a sweet way to start—sneak a tiny bite of chocolate into your mouth before French-kissing your lover.

Step 2: Give ‘em lip-o-suction
Give ‘em some lip-o-suction by gently sucking on their upper or lower lip.

Step 3: Do the lick-flick
Move on to the lick-flick. Take the tip of your tongue and flick it along your partner’s lips.

Add excitement to any kind of kiss by varying the speed and pressure.

Step 4: Hit the roof
Hit the roof of your partner’s mouth with your tongue—it’s a secret erogenous zone.

Step 5: Suck it up
Cover your lover’s lips with your own and suck gently. Release and repeat. Now suck their tongue.

Step 6: Heat things up
Pop a cinnamon candy in your mouth and use your tongues to trade it back and forth.

Don’t forget to use your hands: Running your fingers through a lover’s hair or holding their face while kissing adds to the intimacy.

Step 7: Cool things off
Pop an ice chip in your mouth, roll it around with your tongue, and then explore your partner’s mouth with snake-like darting.

Step 8: Do the Spidey
Have your lover lie down on a couch or bed with their head hanging over the edge, then give ‘em a passionate upside-down kiss.

Step 9: The Mint Dare
Bury a mint inside your cheek and then dare your lover to get it into his mouth using his tongue.

Step 10: Slow down with an Eskimo kiss
Slow things down with a sweet Eskimo kiss—just rub your noses together.

Step 11: End with butterfly kisses
End your kissing marathon with butterfly kisses, lightly batting your eyelashes against your partner’s cheek.

Did You Know?
Did you know? Two out of five men named the kiss between Tobey Maguire and Kirsten Dunst in Spider-Man as their favorite on-screen kiss, according to a survey.

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