How to Kiss Someone with Braces

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Don’t be afraid to kiss a mouth full of metal—the challenge can make it all the more worthwhile!

Step 1: Wait 30 days
Wait until the person has had the braces on for 30 days. The first month, their mouth is going to be very sensitive.

Step 2: Be gentle
Be gentle. If you press too hard against their lips, they could cut the inside of their mouth.

Step 3: Watch your tongue
Watch your tongue. You don’t have to avoid the braces entirely; just proceed gingerly until you know where the sharp areas are. This forced, slow exploration can actually be an exciting thing!

Step 4: Try dental wax
Suggest that the person cover rough spots in generous amounts of dental wax or silicone before a make-out session.

If there are a lot of rough spots, tell your partner that the orthodontist can smooth them out without affecting the braces.

Step 5: Be supportive
Don’t make fun of the person’s braces, or make a big deal out of it. After all, having a mouth full of braces is harder than kissing a mouth full of them!

Did You Know?
Tom Cruise got braces when he was 39 years old.

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