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They say you’ll always remember your first kiss—so try to make it a good one.

Step 1: Choose wisely
Choose the recipient of your first kiss carefully. Ideally, you’d like it to be someone you might enjoy a nice romance with, not someone who’s going to make you feel bad right afterward by blowing you off.

Step 2: Flirt
Invest some time flirting with the object of your affection beforehand. If the person is interested in you, it will build sexual tension. And if they’re not, you’ll know it before you embarrass yourself by trying to kiss them.

Step 3: Just do it
Once you’re fairly certain that your kiss will be welcomed, just do it. There’s nothing that ruins a romantic moment more than a wimpy, ‘May I kiss you?’

Step 4: Proceed cautiously
Gauge how aggressive you should be by your partner’s response to you. If they’re holding back—their lips firmly planted shut, their hands rigidly by their side—proceed cautiously. But if they’re panting like a dog in August, bring on the tongue.

Step 5: Break up the action
Don’t remain lip-locked until the other person is bored or gasping for breath. Break up the action by nuzzling their neck, kissing their earlobes, or gently biting their lip.

Step 6: Check a mirror
When you’re done, check a mirror. You don’t want to spend the rest of the night with lipstick smeared all over your face.

Did You Know?
The transfer of germs that occurs when you French kiss boosts your immune system.

how to kiss well


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