Is Nigeria A Leading Country In Technology In Africa?

Is Nigeria A Leading Country In Technology In Africa?

This is a a very important question that needs to be addressed as soon as possible for a country as big and great like Nigeria. For me i will like to know what triggered this topic by the writer of this post. He must have seen or be exposed to an environment that made this question spring up. Well, maybe its just another story that would be shoved aside as that is a norm in a country like Nigeria that concentrates large amount of time and resources thinking about how to make bad policies, rather than thinking about great things for the country.
I have come across journals where it has been said severally that the united states of america and some top economical countries in the world have advanced their research into the use of making use of bio fuel or even electrical cars, which will aid in reducing the use of gas flaring that causes great effect to the depletion of the ozone layer and also cause great hazard to the human health.

Nigerians are still living in the times where bad leadership has confused bright minded people to only think for them selves which is very sad.. Nigeria is in a comatose state in terms of technology. 

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