Old Premier League Stadiums

This video includes old stadiums of current Premier League teams; Teams with just one stadium in all their history are excluded from this video. Enjoy!

Arsenal Highbury 38,419
Brighton & Hove Albion F.C Withdean Stadium 8,850
Brighton & Hove Albion F.C Goldstone Ground 36,747
Huddersfield Town F.C Leeds Road 16,195
Leicester City FC Filbert Street 22,000
Manchester City F.C Maine Road 35,150
Southampton F.C The Dell 15,200
Stoke City Victoria Ground 25,000
Swansea City  Vetch Field 11,475
West Ham United Boleyn Ground 35,016

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  1. Happy memories from a time when football still belonged to the people and our football grounds were not generic, glass and plastic cathedrals to globalist money-making. Prawn sandwich, anybody?

  2. Brighton's 2nd stadium was awful. Unfortunately they basically got kicked out if there original stadium to build new resident homes and moved to a shit hole that wasn't really designed for English football. Luckily they weren't there to long, but it was still too long.

    I usually not a fan of new stadiums, but glad they got a propper stadium now.

  3. This phenomenon isn’t just for Premier League. It’s happening in all sports. I’m a New York Yankees fan and I was a kid when I went to the Old Yankee Stadium. The atmosphere was insane. It got so loud. The fans were into the game. Then they tore it down and built the new Stadium. It’s beautiful, sure. But when I went last year it was so quiet. People on their phones. Corporate seats. Not to mention the prices even for New York are insane. Back then it wasn’t too bad to buy a ticket. I see this happening in all sports nowadays and it’s kinda sad :/

  4. how many stadiums I've been to fuck and I haven't even gone away in years.

    loved Maine Road brilliant atmosphere coming out the away end at 5oclock and making your way back to Manchester Piccadilly in the winter was scary.


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