Top 7 Ways To Protect Your Car In Nigeria

Top 5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Car In Nigeria

A lot of Nigeria’s have never thought of how well they can manage their vehicles, or even if the thought has crossed their minds they have never taken any action on solving this problem, and going by this, a lot of cars have broken down because of negligence. Below i will list out the various ways that you can take to care for your vehicle that will keep your cars in good condition and make it last longer for you.

Top 5 Ways To Take Care Of Your Car In Nigeria

The Various ways that you can use to take care of your cars in Nigeria are listed below.

Carefully Go Into Bumpy Roads: Nigeria roads are characterized by their narrowness and especially pot holes and this is one of the problems that cause cars to break down on high ways. To avoid your cars breaking down consistently carefully drive through this bad roads, but please take note of other vehicles driving pass these roads to avoid causing traffic or accidents.

Top 7 Ways To Protect Your Car In Nigeria

Quarterly Servicing Of Your Vehicles: This is a must do if you need your cars to last long and serve you better. Get a reliable Mechanic who will only have access to service your vehicle. By doing this the Technician will have the knowledge of the issues with the vehicle. This will help for proper and efficient use of the vehicle on the road.

Wheel Balancing And Alignments: I have come across an issue where i failed to align my Tyre after i changed them. Kindly note that when you change your tyres to new ones you will have to take it to get the alignment and wheel balanced. Hence this will save the wheels and tyre from wearing out immediately.

Routine Checks: Carry out routine checks before you drive your car. When you notice that the tyres are down kindly pump them to gauge from your reputable vulcanize technician around you, check your break oil if its not gauged properly, kindly top up the oil to maximum level,check the lights just in case you drive at night and also check that the water and vehicle engine oil are gauged properly, and finally.

Take Note Of Signs On The Cars Dashboard Area: Many of the people who drive modern cars in Nigeria fail to take note of the dashboard warning signs that pop up. They believe that the sign will just go away after some time and then take risk by driving the car out.

I hope that this Top 5 Ways To Take Care Of your car in Nigeria will enable you take good care of your vehicles and serve you longer time.

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