Web Developers In Nigeria, How to become one

Web Developers In Nigeria, How to become one

Its a good thing to note that Nigeria youths are becoming very much involved in IT jobs. About 10years ago this was not the case. Web development is the section of IT that has been greatly tapped by the youths of this country. Web development jobs are very lucrative, no wonder every youth in Nigeria today wants to learn how to program and start a new career from this. In this post which has the title “Web Development In Nigeria, How to become one”, I will share some pointers on what you will need to know in order to get yourself ready to learn programming.

I remember when i was learning how to program, i was resilient, dogged, always pushing to get the concept, and at the same time you will need to learn how to be patient while learning it. I had friends who attended classes and became programmers, i loved how the web works and this increased my curiosity to learn it and this has exposed my mind to the opportunities that web development creates. Below i will give you a guide on what you need to learn first before you delve into any language.

Web Development in Nigeria, How to become one

What you need to learn first to become a web development.

First step is to learn the basics of programming which are HTML and CSS.

What is HTML: HTML simply means Hyper Text Markup Language. This language of the web creates the skeletal background of the website that you intend to create. You will first need to learn and understand this concept before you proceed into more advanced language.

What is CSS: CSS simply means Cascading Style Sheet. In a simple understanding of what CSS means, it gives the HTML structure that look and feel that the website needs to get that appeals to the the user of the website.

After you learn this two concept then you can now proceed to learn more advanced concepts like Javascript and PHP which are both frontend and backend applications respectively.

Things you need to do while learning programming

  • Get a mentor: get someone whom you look up to and will guide you in the right steps while learning how to program.
  • Get into a forum and learn about things you find difficult to solve.
  • Get resources online for example youtube where there are tons of learning materials or solution to solve problems.
  • Get a team of developers in your circle of friends.
  • Carry out personal projects: this will enable you to understand the concepts of programming better.
Things not to do while learning programming
  • Avoid distractions: I understand that a lot of us have things that could distract us while learning like mobile phones, TV and so on. This must all be turned off while you are learning web development.
  • Do not fail to practice daily: i know we all are busy and this is one factor that keeps us away from learning how to code. Make it a habit to learn daily even if it is for 10minutes daily.
  • Do not assume that you know it already. Keep been curious.
With this points from this topic Web Development In Nigeria, How to become one, you will be able to start your dream career in building web applications not only in Nigeria but you could get jobs online as a freelancer else where around the world.

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